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When the Virginia heat pumps up or temperatures cool down, the last thing you need is for your heating and air conditioning system to stop working. Sometimes your AC or furnace will act up and when it does, you can count on the quick and dependable heating and Cooling Repair Service from Edwards Air, Inc.. We understand the importance of a fully functioning Heating and Air Conditioning system and make your HVAC concerns a top priority.

At Edwards Air, Inc. we are committed to keeping our customers in Chantilly and throughout the Chantilly area, very comfortable. Our experienced and highly trained HVAC technicians will provide the prompt, high quality air conditioning repair service needed to get your air conditioning systems up and running smoothly. And when its cold out, we will do the same for your heating system as well!

If your Air Conditioning, furnace, or heat pump unit is not working, making strange rattling sounds, or won't turn on at all, give us a call here at Edwards Air, Inc., 703-392-5252. We will be there to solve any of your heating & cooling problems. When it comes to Virginia heat, HVAC Repair is crucial for any situation, large or small.

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Our clients in Chantilly VA, a city with 14,285 households, can vouch for our excellence in customer service. Whether you need service, maintenance, repair, or an estimate, we're here for you. Call us at 703-392-5252 to set up an appointment and let us help you next.

Local Reviews in Chantilly, VA

- 4/22/2024
We love Edwards Air and recommend them to our friends! As a small family-run business, they give honest opinions and very competitive pricing. We recently replaced two AC units and were so happy with their service. Edwards Air is a gem!
- 12/12/2023
I know it's cliche to say, but 5 stars is NOT enough for the good folks at Edwards Air! I mean, if everyone knew about Edwards Air and used them at least once, there would be NO competition for them in all of Virginia; they'd be the only HVAC business left in the state!

We had a horrible pillar/chase in the middle of our kitchen dining area that was always in the way and that we've been wanting to get rid of for years. The problem was that it housed the return ducts for the main and upper floors, as well as several water lines (later found to be defunct), the drain vent, and some electrical lines. I had asked a couple other HVAC places first to see if they thought it was do-able to somehow re-reroute the existing ducts but they quickly dismissed the idea and said it couldn't be done. Then as I was lamenting having to live with this monstrosity of a column in our house forever, a neighbor who was in the HVAC business for 30 years and now retired, recommended Jamie and his team at Edwards Air, saying that they were the best in the business, honest, and wouldn't sell me anything I didn't need.

When Jamie and Jimmy showed up to take a look and make an assessment, they were the nicest people ever, but that sincere kind of down-to-earth nice, not the salesman kind of nice. After chatting a bit, I felt like they were old friends. And then they got down to business. I had always thought I needed to get a dual-use HVAC system in order to get rid of the return ducts. They then looked everything over very thoroughly, going back and forth up and down the stairs to see the unit in the basement, then back to the pillar, looking all around the house, huddling, pointing at different walls, brainstorming, measuring walls and registers, etc. When I mentioned the dual-use option, they said, yes the dual-use would increase the cooling efficiency on the upper floor and such an installation would make them lots of money, but that if the upstairs cooling wasn't my main concern, but rather just the aesthetics of the pillar, they suggested I keep the single system I have and have them re-route the existing return ducts, which would save me thousands of dollars. They said installing a dual-use would require new supply ducts and/or a replacement of the existing unit to prevent air flow/condensation problems. They then set about planning an elaborate, genius, and beautiful (looks like a work of modern art - I can't stop showing it to neighbors and friends who visit) re-routing of the return ducts, in addition to adding a new return for the basement level.

At one point during the planning phase, the delightful Shawn called from the Edwards Air office and said the guys were all brainstorming some more with a colleague of theirs, David, who they consider to be a premier expert on duct work (he indeed proved to be the Duct King and I even suggested referring to the whole Edwards Air family as the Duct Dynasty) and they asked if they could bring him out to weigh in as well. Dave, Shawn, and Jimmy then returned to do some more assessment, measuring, and brainstorming, and offered me a couple different options for the re-routing. All the while, so friendly, cheerful, knowledgeable, explaining every little thing to me, patient with all my dumb questions, etc. It was clear they knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

With the layout of the house, they had few options to re-route the ducts. They ended up having one go from the basement up through a KITCHEN CABINET (totally hidden from view and where I lost only 2 small shelves I never use anyway), and the other duct going through the base of the garage wall from the basement storage room, up into the attic, and over into the ceiling of the upstairs hallway. Everything was so meticulously done. Their attention to detail was impeccable. Everything was so tight and perfect. You just don't get this kind of workmanship from any business anymore. All the other places we've used in the past is half-ass and just checking the box. Like I've told others, their work was a craftmanship from a bygone era.

And THEN!.....when they were finishing up, Shawn told me they were lowering the price estimate they had initially provided me, by $1,200 since they finished sooner than they had anticipated. When does that EVER happen nowadays, where a price actually goes DOWN from the original estimate. They were everything my neighbor said they'd be: experienced, high quality of work, honest, and not going to sell you anything you don't need. Delete the contact info for any other HVAC folks you have in your phone and ONLY use these folks ever again - I know I am. God bless Edwards Air! -John